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Investment Pitch Coaching

New research from Massey University Postgraduate student, Hattaf Ansari, shows that New Zealand investor culture look for three key factors from pitches, the most important factors were:

  • trustworthiness of the pitcher

  • future growth of the pitch idea; and

  • the enthusiasm of the pitcher.

This is where Michael comes in, he coaches you to make sure your content and competence is combined with your character and charisma.

Speaking in front of any audience would send my stomach into knots and have me stumbling as I tried my best to remember my speech word for word. Michael helped me to craft my talk to suit the knowledge base and interests of my audience. He made me aware of tone and speed of delivery and then worked with me consistently until I was confident on every aspect. The first talk I gave after our work together, I surprised myself and walked away with best pitch of the night. It was also the first talk that I really enjoyed giving.” 

- Emily Blythe, CEO, Limpidity