Private Speaker Coaching

One-on-one private speaker coaching is for anyone who is serious about speaking.

With the popularity of TED style talks around the world, people are expecting short, clean, curated, punchy talks; this is becoming the rule and not the exception.

What this means for speakers is that your content is no longer enough, you need to create a message that is concise and congruent, combined with dynamic delivery that touches the hearts and minds of the audience whilst being littered with tangible takeaways.

When you can consciously influence outcomes, you can move mountains and no opportunity should be left to chance. Like any world champion athlete, we all need someone to push us further than we thought possible.

I help people find the core message they are wanting to convey and then remove any barriers that get in the way of the message being clear and concise. This could include the way you dress, the way you speak, the language you choose to use, your natural ability to influence others, your unconscious mannerisms and behaviours that are preventing you from achieving your outcomes.

I don't just help you get better at speaking, I will help you get quantifiable results that are good for you and your business.

I can help coach you for any speaking engagement such as:

  • TED Talk

  • Conference

  • Keynote

  • Public Speaking

  • Pitch Investment

  • Presentation

  • Sales Pitch Presentation

The easiest way to find out if one-on-one private speaker coaching is something you would benefit from is to get in touch and have an initial FREE 30-minutes discovery call with me (worth $275).

“Michael's strength as a speaker coach is his ability to dig beneath surface and uncover hard-hitting truths. Michael helped me choose the best stories to captivate my audience and convey a powerful, heart-wrenching message. That is the reason my speech is the most-viewed TEDx Talk in New Zealand and one of the Top 5 Most-Viewed TEDx Talks on the planet.” 

- Lilia Tarawa, Best-selling author & most viewed TED talk in NZ


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