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Private Speaker Coaching

Whether we like it or not we are constantly communicating. It's in the way we dress, the shoes we choose, the way we speak, and the way we move. It's in everything. But what messages are we sending? Can there be a disconnect between our intension and our impact?

The foundation of great speaking is based on the combination of three key skills:

  • Establishing an emotional connection

  • Creating novelty to capture and hold attention

  • Being memorable and leaving a lasting impression

This is where Michael comes in, he coaches you to balance your intension and your impact so you can achieve your desired outcomes and he is renowned for helping people achieve success.

“Michael's strength as a speaker coach is his ability to dig beneath surface and uncover hard-hitting truths. Michael helped me choose the best stories to captivate my audience and convey a powerful, heart-wrenching message. That is the reason my speech is the most-viewed TEDx Talk in New Zealand and one of the Top 5 Most-Viewed TEDx Talks on the planet.” 

- Lilia Tarawa, Best-selling author & most viewed TED talk in NZ