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Learn the art of persuasive speaking through small group coaching

At some point every kind of leader faces an important audience, having a confident relaxed ability to communicate effectively can be your competitive edge.


These short 90 min in-house activity-based learning sessions are adding massive value, with short sharp hands-on learning that is easy to accommodate and affordable.


In this 90 minute workshop, participants will create a 30-second pitch and deliver to camera.



  • 2 questions for identifying outcomes as a speaker

  • Script development

  • Learning to time your talks

  • Delivery and group feedback

  • Refinement of script

  • Levels of delivery; x2, x4, x6

  • Video final level of delivery

  • Effective use of feet, hands, and face

  • Review and debrief experience and learnings


All participants will receive a speaker’s resource at the end of the workshop.



  • Write a powerful script that aligns to the 2 questions for identifying speaker outcomes

  • Time their talks, stick to their time and regulate their speaking pace

  • Influence and persuade through cohesive and compelling design and delivery of their talks

  • Receive and implement developmental feedback

  • Examine their delivery style and uncover areas for improvement

  • Exude confidence in design, development and delivery of key messages



All participants need to identify a topic that they would like to practice. Below are some topics to consider:

• Celebratory video testimonial for work done well by colleagues or suppliers or a thank you video

• Upcoming meeting where you’re sharing information or presenting

• A talk that you are delivering externally or internally

• Specialist topic that only you do at work

• Project updates or summary


*This session is a pre-requisite for the Ten-in-two Small Group Coaching. 

Ron Boskell, Chair of The Executive Connection, Christchurch


Michael recently presented his very special 90-min Small Group Coaching session to our members of The Executive Connection, Christchurch.


Each of our members had past experiences over the years of this type of presentation, but this was different…very different!


Each member was engaged throughout due to the style of Michael’s presentation. Before we knew it, we were composing our ‘speech’, then delivering to small groups in many different ways and finally we were videoed (on our phones) with great take-away value.


One of the elements within The Executive Connection is ACCOUNTABILITY; hence everything we do…we measure, and that includes how we each rate our presenters. In Michael’s case, his presentation was the best and strongest 90-minute workshop we have experienced; his scores were the highest ever recorded by the group with an average score of 9.75+ across the following:

  • Presentation content (1-10): 9.75

  • Speakers delivery (1-10): 10.0

  • Take-away value (1-10): 10.0

  • Degree of relevance to you (1-10): 9.5


If you have read this far, and if you have people on your team who are presenting your business to clients or a large team that they will address on a business matter, this presentation will not fail to see immediate personal growth and the recognition of how important this part of being a leader is to your business.