Investment Pitch Coaching

Focus on the right talking points and secure your investment.

Are you looking to crush your upcoming investment pitch?

The true test of your speaking and presenting ability is measured when you’re pitching for hundreds or millions of investment dollars.

Unfortunately though, a lot of investment pitches aren’t successful because entrepreneurs are too focused on looking and sounding competent. Competence is essential, but not at the expense of character and charisma. You need to be a likeable person if you want to secure investment.

A lot of the work I do with Investment Pitch Coaching is pretending that I have no idea what people are talking about, and sometimes I don’t have to pretend, as I literally have no clue.

I can spend a fair amount of time getting a simple explanation about what the product or service is and does, and how it solves a problem, who the people are and why they are passionate about what they do.

This is where I can help you stand out, I’ll help you with crafting and delivering a successful pitch that wins the hearts, minds and wallets of any audience.

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Michael Philpott is trusted by:

Eduard Liebenberger
James Jackson
Troy Billborough
Carbon Crop
Mark Rocket
Steve Ardagh
Grow Good
Happy Cow Milk Co
Debtor Daddy
Andy Freeman
Michelle Sharp

It just takes 3 simple steps
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Whatever you do, don’t just get up there without the right coaching. It could cost you the investment.