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Pretty much everyone has a fear of public speaking and I want to help your audience to understand it and overcome it.

Are you organising a conference?

There are Great speakers, average speakers and downright terrible speakers, I have seen them all, and coached many.

This makes me an ideal speaker for your conference, filled with interesting insights from my 4 years as the TEDxChristchurch speaker coach and my career as an executive speaker coach and investment pitch coach, I’ll share  stories of my experience in coaching some of the most recognisable names in New Zealand.

Guaranteed to entertain and delight, I’ll provide a wealth of knowledge on the scary subject of public speaking and offer valuable insights into the pathway to becoming a successful speaker from novice to seasoned professional.

I’ll share an abundance of ideas and examples on how to stop causing yourself grief by getting your speaking sorted and simplifying your message.

Ideal for any audience that needs to understand the impact of personal and professional brand from a speaking perspective. My talks are littered with tangible takeaways that gets any audience excited about simplifying their speaking.

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Michael Philpott: Speaker Coach

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