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Reserve your seat at my two day workshop and learn how to become a better communicator.

Are you looking to develop your skills as a leader?

There is probably no business leadership skill more important than the ability to speak to an audience of any size.

But without speaker training, it’s easy to get caught up in your own insecurities and fears and loose control of yourself, your words and your movements.

You can’t hide this from an audience, all they see is someone who lacks confidence and competence ultimately leading to a lack of trust. If people can’t trust you, they won’t want to do business with you, it’s that simple.

Unfortunately many leaders and executives aren’t great communicators, and it’s affecting their ability to lead. They fumble their way through meetings and presentations, and it leaves their team confused and uninspired.

I will help you to remove the clutter that gets in the way of a concise and coherent message, ensuring any audience large or small will easily understand and engage with you and your brand.

I will teach you how to design your talking points, develop your message, and deliver a talk that moves your audience to action whether you are in-person or online.

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Simplify Your Speaking Workshop

It just takes 3 step to simplify your speaking and supercharge your success

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Michael Philpott: Speaker Coach

Don’t fumble your way through another meeting

Reserve your seat at my two day workshop and learn how to become a better communicator.

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