Talk Like TED Masterclass

I will take you through the same framework I use with TED speakers, so you too can give world-class presentations with ease.

Do you wish that you could give a world-class talk just like a TED speaker?

Imagine if you could communicate with authority and inspire the people around you just like they do at TED.

Whether you're speaking before an audience of thousands or just a few associates, your message and delivery says you are either capable, cool calm and collected or uncomfortable and potentially incompetent. A public forum is not place to discover which one you are.

You need a place where you can uncover your weak points in your speaking you need to know you can do this safely.

With the popularity of TED style talks around the world, people are expecting short, clean, curated, punchy talks; this is becoming the rule and not the exception. For most people the hard work is in the refinement of thoughts into something that engages, inspires and motivates and audience.

I’ve trained many TED Speakers, and I want to give you the same coaching so you also can become a world-class communicator.

I help you find the core message you are wanting to convey and then remove any barriers that get in the way of the message being clear and concise. This could include the way you dress, the way you speak, the language you choose to use, your natural ability to influence others, your unconscious mannerisms and behaviours that are preventing you from achieving your goals.

In this three day talk like TED Masterclass, I have prepared a safe and confidential space where you’ll learn how to educate, engage, entertain and inspire any audience. You’ll finally be able to communicate with authority and conviction.

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Talk Like TED Masterclass

It just takes 3 simple steps to communicate with authority and inspire people

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Inspire your audience and talk like TED

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Michael Philpott: Speaker Coach

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