Talk like TED


Mastering the creation of a TED worthy talk that moves people takes time, energy and effort. The best talks I helped create took up to three months so I want to ensure you have the best chance of success when we structure this event for you.

By keeping the numbers of participants for the three days at a minimum you can expect to receive comprehensive coaching from me specific to the construction and delivery of your talk along with extensive peer review and constructive feedback to further your development.

We will structure the three days to be staggered over two to three months giving you time in between sessions to implement what you have learnt so you have ample time to stew your ideas. I find some of the best ideas come when we are doing remedial tasks such as washing the dishes or vacuuming the house and our minds are free to wander.

We will spend the first two days focused on the design and development of your talks and slide deck creation. By the start of day three you will have everything prepared and we will spend the day focused on your delivery. Once everyone has delivered and made adjustments to their talks and delivery you will be set up with all the gear to deliver your talk onstage to camera.

The delivery style you can expect from me over the three days will be a combination of ‘learn something’ and then ‘implement something’. A lot of the learning will be generated by obstacles you will discover along the way.

Over three staggered days we will create talks that include these key principles:

  • Confident • Concise • Congruent

  • Novel • Emotional • Memorable

  • Engage • Entertain • Educate

Over the three days you will be challenged to identify:

  • The title of your talk

  • Stories/examples you might want to use

  • Images that will be helpful in designing your PowerPoint (if you’re using one)

  • Videos that will help to get an idea across

  • Open loops and hooks, close loops and powerful closes

  • What size chunks do you want to break your talk down to

  • How many subjects are you going to have

  • How can you make it novel

  • How can you make it memorable

  • How can you make it emotional

  • You will identify if there are areas for interaction with you and the audience and within the audience

  • Is there a call to action in your talk


Listed below are just some of the take away skills you will have from our time together:

  • Effective transitions

  • Vocal projection

  • Effective storytelling

  • How to use pitch and tone variation

  • How to use physiology for speaking (hands, feet and face)

  • Strategies to memorise presentations

  • The power of the Pause

  • Pausing for visuals

  • Understand mirror neurons, sympathetic resonance and neural coupling

  • Use contrasting content to highlight a key message

  • Use contrasting through vocal italics

  • Have powerful stage presence/charisma

  • Identify your short and long-term quirks

  • Avoid death by PowerPoint by constructing engaging slide decks

  • Script development and refinement of scripts

  • Learning to time your talks

  • Influence and persuade through cohesive and compelling design and delivery of your talks

  • Examine your delivery style and uncover areas for improvement

  • Exude confidence in design, development and delivery of key messages]

The easiest way to find out if Talk like TED Masterclass is something you would benefit from is to get in touch.

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