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TEDx Talk: Inspirational Speaker

Lilia Tarawa

No. 1 best-selling author and ex-daughter of Gloriavale Cult

Lilia has become the most viewed TEDx talk in New Zealand and the fifth most viewed talk on the planet.


Her talk has been uploaded to the official TED platform and transcribed into six languages. Lilia's talk currently sits at 9 million views and continues to climb.

"Michael's strength as a speaker coach is his ability to dig beneath the surface and uncover hard-hitting truths. Michael helped me choose the best stories to captivate my audience and convey a powerful, heart-wrenching message. That is the reason my speech is the most viewed TEDx Talk in NZ and one of the top five most-viewed TEDx Talks on the planet."

Why invest in speaker coaching?

Whether it’s presenting, pitching, or public speaking you want to set the stage on fire and warm the hearts and minds of your audience. So, what stops you from igniting the flame? The fear of delivering dull, dry, boring, disconnected drivel, with a side order of imposter syndrome?

Chances are you know this, and you want to create epic presentations and pitches that make your audience laugh, love, and learn, but you don’t know where or how to begin.

I help you minimise the emotional roller coaster ride that can come from designing and delivering your content because you shouldn’t have to feel stressed, anxious, or alone when you’re presenting yourself and your ideas to the world.

When you work with me, I guarantee you will have a plan and we structure regular sessions that keep you on track and avoid procrastination.

We walk with you through the three stages of designing, developing, and delivering a concise and compelling message that you will love and your audience will listen to.

Imagine if every time you speak you gain friends, followers, or financial freedom while remaining true to who you are.

I’ve been helping people achieve success for over 20 years, I’m an expert trainer, facilitator, speaker, and coach, whatever your content is, I’ll help you make it amazing.

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Michael is often asked to: 

  • Coach speakers for national and international events 

  • Identify and coach an effective sales pitch structure 

  • Run interactive training programmes

  • Assist with the construction of events and coaching of conference hosts and MCs

  • Advise on individual and group delivery for investment pitching 

  • Provide individualised one-on-one coaching for trainers and facilitators

  • Speak at conferences

Private Speaker Coaching
Investment Pitch Coaching
Training Programmes
Event Speaker

International Conference Speaker

Eduard Liebenberger

Director of Technology, Jade Software Corporation

Eduard is focused on growing New Zealand's capability in the tech sector by sharing information at a global standard. He now manages to stand out in a technical conferences and get more engagement from his audience during his presentations.

"Michael has been instrumental in every talk or pitch I delivered over the past 18 months or so. Every time I start out with more confidence that I now know what I’m doing. And every time Michael shares another level of insight which turns my drafts into something much more impactful. The level of engagement and awareness of both my personal work and my organisation has sky-rocket since working with him - and the results have been nothing short of amazing!"

What we work on

The initial part of public speaking is all about you. You have an event coming up, it’s high stakes and you have specific outcomes you want to achieve. You want assistance that’s focused only on you and your needs. It’s urgent and you need it now because: 

  • You want to take your speaking to the next level, you want to be world class 

  • You want to see results from the time you invest in speaking at events and conferences 

  • You’re getting paid to speak and you want outstanding results that lead to more speaking opportunities 

  • You want to represent your industry in the best way and you want your content to inspire and your delivery to engage 

Michael works with you on your: 

  • Script development, storyline creation, slide deck creation, dynamic delivery, stage tech and stage presence 

  • Ability to speak in a memorable way (this is the hardest for most people) 

  • And most important, your ability to engage and influence your audience 


He also helps you: 

  • Find the core message you are wanting to share, bring a concept to market, grow your capability, gain your competitive edge and take your ideas to the world 

  • And in general, how to look comfortable, confident and relaxed, and, how to speak in a clear and understandable manner 

Capital raising through investor pitching

Emily Blythe

Founder at Limpidity

Emily won the best investment pitch of the night award in front of an audience of over 900 potential investors who significantly oversubscribed to her cause.

"Speaking in front of any audience would send my stomach into knots and have me stumbling as I tried my best to remember my speech word for word. Michael helped me to craft my talk to suit the knowledge base and interests of my audience. He made me aware of tone and speed of delivery and then worked with me consistently until I was confident on every aspect."

The coaching process

This is how the process generally works, 50% is script design and development and 50% is delivery practice and development. But this can change depending on the person and their level of comfort and competence in design or delivery. 

Bigger talks generally average 6-10 coaching hours based on the difficulty and duration of the talk, if the talk is a keynote there is a lot of preparation time. All timeframes will depend on the individual and the amount of preparation and background work they are willing to do. 

A fifteen minute talk on the other hand, might require 3-6 coaching hours, the preparation and background work still applies. 


Most of the talks I help prepare have a high return on investment, either through the positive exposure the organisation will receive or as an investment in a framework for future talks of a similar nature that can be repeated.

TEDx Talk: Inspirational Speaker

William Trubridge

World Champion & Double World Record Holding Freediver

William wanted to create a talk that would take the audience on a journey of descent into the depths of the ocean.

"When I started preparing for my TEDx talk in Christchurch I had public speaking experience, but was mostly just learning by experience as I went.  This was definitely one of those cases where, 'you don't know what you don't know until you know it'!  I was oblivious to what I had been communicating through body language, or to the subtleties of tempo and eye contact.  Michael Philpott opened my eyes to all of these and more vital parts of speaking, and did so in the space of only a couple of sessions working together."

Capability Vouchers

Capability Vouchers are great because they give small and medium businesses access to the high-quality training that only large companies can usually afford.


If you have aspirations to grow your business you might also be eligible for an NZTE Capability Development Voucher, which is offered through the Regional Business Partners Network.


NZTE Capability Development Vouchers are available to businesses to use as partial payment towards the cost of capability development and training in the following areas: Business Planning, Business Systems, Business Sustainability, Capital Raising, Export, Finance, Governance, Lean Manufacturing / Business Operations, Managing Resources, and Marketing.


Capability Development Vouchers are used to co-fund up to 50% of capability development training up to a maximum of $5,000 per year per business. The business must pay at least half of the training costs.



NZTE Capability Vouchers are available to businesses that demonstrate a desire to innovate and grow, and who meet criteria such as:


  • have undergone an assessment with a Regional Partner

  • have fewer than 50 full-time equivalent employees

  • are registered for GST in New Zealand

  • are operating in a commercial environment

  • privately owned businesses, or are a Maori Trust or incorporation under the Te Ture Whenua Maori Act 1993 or similar organisation managing Maori assets under multiple ownership


If the business has met with a Regional Business Partner and been advised that they are eligible for NZTE Capability Vouchers they will need to register on RBP before they can be issued a voucher.

The first step is to register as a business and your local Regional Business Partner will be in touch shortly to set up a meeting.

The easiest way to find out if capability vouchers are something you would benefit from is to get in touch.

Wealth Creation Seminar

Stephen Pike

Executive Sales Manager for Williams Corportation

Stephen was asked to speak at a wealth creation seminar for five minutes about property development. 

He was scheduled to speak for five minutes after an accountant had spoken for an hour and a half. 

I gave Stephen a five minute sand timer and we reduced his talk to four minutes and 50 seconds. His only goal was to refine and practice so he could finish the talk before the sand ran out and make sure that everyone could see it and remove any selling language.

Stephen build liking and trust for not selling and most importantly he build integrity for keeping his word and sticking to his time. 

After the seminar people wanted to come and talk with him and that night he sold two houses valued at over $700,000 dollars and generated solid leads that turned into future sales easily reaching over a million dollars.

Get in touch

The easiest way to find out if one-on-one private speaker coaching, investment pitch coaching or an in-house workshop is something you would benefit from is to get in touch and have an initial FREE 30-minutes discovery call with me (worth $275).

Advocate for Positive Mental Health, Speaker & Adventurer

Isaac Giesen

First kiwi to solo row the Atlantic & first kiwi to row two oceans in one year

After spending a total of 143 days at sea, Isaac came back with a mission to raise awareness around mental health and share his story throughout New Zealand.

"Growing up with dyslexia I find it very hard to express what is in my head to on paper. (I am even struggling to write this testimonial). Michael has been the big boss and great help in helping unravel the stories and ideas in my head.


I very much like Michaels teaching methods, he is straight to the point and doesn't beat around the bush."


Download our brochure for more information on our services and pricing.

Speaking Tips

Download our FREE speakers resource to help you get started on your speaking journey.


Get 8 Speaking Tips Over 8 Weeks To Master Your Influence and Persuasion.

Winning Formula

Download our FREE article on How to win audiences and win investment pitches.

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