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Michael Philpott is ready to help you deliver world-class talks, presentations and investment pitches.

Are you struggling to prepare for your next talk?

Can't organise your thoughts? Don't know which stories will grab the audience's attention? You don't need to struggle any longer. I'm here to help:

Speaker Coaching For Business Leaders

Executives & Salespeople

Close the sale, motivate the team or negotiate the big deal.

Speaker Coaching For Thought Leaders

Thought Leaders

Communicate your ideas in a spreadable and simple way.

Investment Pitch Speaker Coaching

Pitching for Investment

Convince investors that you've got a winning venture.

I will coach you through improving your script and your delivery so you can inspire your audience to take action.

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Michael Philpott is trusted by:

Creative HQ
Andy Freeman
Simon Ansley
Making Trax
Kim Joy
Grow Good
Loan Market
PWC Christchurch
Kaila Colbin
Michelle Sharp
Steve Ardagh
James Jackson

Inspire your audience
to take action.

Michael Philpott: Speaker Coach
Michael's New Online Course

The Ultimate Guide to Speaking

Learn all the skills you need to give talks that inspire people to action and avoid the pitfalls that trip most speakers up. Stop winging it and take your speaking to the next level.

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Investment Pitch Coaching

Investment Pitch Coaching

A lot of investment pitches fail because entrepreneurs are too focused on looking competent. Competence is essential, but to be successful you need to show character and charisma. I will help you focus on the right talking points so you can secure your investment.

I want to ace my Investment Pitch
Private Coaching

Private Speaker Coaching

Many leaders and executives aren’t great communicators, and it’s affecting their ability to lead. I will teach you how to design, develop, and deliver a talk so you don’t have to fumble your way through another team meeting or presentation.

I want to ace my next talk

Your next talk could be the best one yet

For nearly 20 years, I have helped New Zealand's most inspirational speakers turn their rough drafts into world-class talks. My job is to bridge the gap between you and your audience.

Don't just take my word for it

Eduard Liebenberger
Michael has been instrumental in every talk or pitch I delivered over the past 18 months or so. Every time I start out with more confidence that I now know what I’m doing.

Eduard Liebenberger

Lilia Tarawa
In our coaching sessions Michael helped me identify what I was going to say, how I was going to say it and how to condense my life story into the allotted 18 minutes. His immense knowledge of human psychology was vital to creating a talk people 'couldn't stop watching'.

Lilia Tarawa

Emily Blythe
Michael helped me to craft my talk to suit the knowledge base and interests of my audience. He made me aware of tone and speed of delivery and then worked with me consistently until I was confident on every aspect.

Emily Blythe

Isaac Giesen
Growing up with dyslexia I find it very hard to express what is in my head to on paper. Michael has been the big boss and great help in helping unravel the stories and ideas in my head.

Isaac Giesen

William Trubridge
I was oblivious to what I had been communicating through body language, or to the subtleties of tempo and eye contact. Michael Philpott opened my eyes to all of these and more vital parts of speaking, and did so in the space of only a couple of sessions working together.

William Trubridge

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Michael Philpott: Speaker Coach

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