Michael Philpott sitting on a block smiling.

Meet Michael

He coaches CEOs, celebrities, sales executives, tech giants, best-selling authors, professors, PhDs, and start-up founders to achieve outstanding results from their keynote talks, investment pitches and formal presentations. ​

The captivating maestro of public speaking, presenting, and investment pitching, driven by a profound mission to empower others on any stage.

With an awe-inspiring 25-year journey, he has honed his craft as a master facilitator, trainer, and esteemed Professor of Practice at the prestigious University of Canterbury Business School Executive Education Programme.

His magical touch transforms CEOs, celebrities, tech giants, and visionary founders into extraordinary speakers. Michael's coaching philosophy revolves around confidence, clarity, and charisma, guiding speakers to win the hearts, minds, and wallets of any audience they encounter.

At the heart of his journey lies his role in crafting unforgettable TEDx talks, inspiring millions with powerful messages. Collaborating with iconic figures like Lilia Tarawa and Jordan Watson, he ignites their voices, leaving an indelible impact on global stages.

Michael's influence extends beyond the spotlight as he empowers leaders like Emily Blythe, catalyzing groundbreaking successes and recognition, such as the coveted 2023 New Zealander of the Year Award for Innovator of the Year.

What sets Michael apart is his fusion of remarkable credentials, unmatched experience, and relentless dedication to empowering others. Grounded in brain-based learning and Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), his coaching transcends boundaries and embraces inclusivity.

Embracing his own journey of personal growth, from a high school dropout to an expert in adult learning, Michael leverages his ADHD as a superpower, capturing audiences with laser-like focus.

Fuelled by a mission to revolutionize communication, Michael guides individuals in becoming skilled and engaging communicators. His transformative journey, symbolized by two swallows tattooed on his hands, anchors him in humility and determination.

As he continues to inspire and elevate, Michael embodies the transformative power of perseverance, unwavering belief, and the limitless potential that resides within us all.

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