The Ultimate Guide to Speaking

Learn the skills you need to deliver world-class talks and presentations with Michael's new online course.

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The Ultimate Guide to Speaking
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Video Strategy

Speaking strategies to build your confidence, career and leadership

Deliver with Charisma and Confidence

Master the development and delivery of your most important talks

Inspire your audience to action

Apply proven strategies to win the hearts and minds of any audience

Speak masterfully with TED worthy techniques.

Due to the popularity of TED style talks over the last thirty years, public speaking has undergone a revolution, around the world people are expecting short, clean, curated, punchy talks; this is becoming the rule and not the exception.

For most people the hard work is in the refinement of thoughts into something that engages, inspires and motivates an audience.

Whether you’re a complete novice wanting to tame your nerves and take control of your self limiting beliefs or seasoned public speaker looking to expand you toolkit and wow your audiences, you can make the most of this online learning. You will discover tools and techniques to challenge you to step up your game.

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The Ultimate Guide to Speaking
is $597 incl. GST

Here's what you'll learn.

  • Create the ultimate public speaking plan
  • Apply the tested strategies of TED speakers
  • Master your craft with video models that teach you how
  • Build an exciting talk that you want to share
  • Nail your messaging and delivery
  • Manage your nerves and feel great

Michael Philpott is trusted by:

Troy Billborough
PWC Christchurch
James Jackson
Making Trax
Mainstream Green
Fiona Bain
Horton Signs
Happy Cow Milk Co
Andy Freeman
Eduard Liebenberger
Mark Rocket
Neville Gollan
Steve Ardagh
Warren and Mahoney

Learn the 5 C's of public speaking and presentations.

Module 1: Confidence

Know exactly what you're speaking about, how to write your script, and how to practice right for the venue you're in.

Module 2: Clarity

Decide the outcomes and structure, give your talk a great title and a catchy hook, and learn how to close strong.

Module 3: Congruence

Support your presentation with visuals and slides that capture the hearts and minds of your audience.

Module 4: Charisma

Level up from a good speaker to a great one. Learn the body language techniques used by the world's best speakers.

Module 5: Conviction

Learn how to practice well and make the most of your practice time.

Get access to the Ultimate Guide to Speaking and learn all the skills you need.

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The Ultimate Guide to Speaking
is $597 incl. GST

Michael Philpott: Speaker Coach
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Michael Philpott

Is an authority and expert in the art of public speaking, presenting and investment pitching. He coaches CEOs, celebrities, sales executives, tech giants, best-selling authors, professors, PhDs, and start-up founders to achieve outstanding results from their keynote talks, investment pitches, and formal presentations.

With a proven history of coaching for a global platform like TEDx, Michael coaches business and thought leaders in the design, development, and delivery of their most important talks, so they can speak with confidence, clarity, congruence, charisma and conviction.

Michael is an expert in coaching, facilitation and training with over 20 years of experience, he is a master facilitator and trainer.

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The Ultimate Guide to Speaking
is $597 incl. GST

Inspire your audience in 3 easy steps.

Step 1

Get access to Michael's online course

Step 2

Master key public speaking skills

Step 3

Deliver world-class talks and presentations

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The Ultimate Guide to Speaking
is $597 incl. GST


What do I get, and what will I learn when I sign up to The Ultimate Guide to Speaking?
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You will have access to 25 intensive short and punchy step by step video guides, and a downloadable workbook that walks you through everything you ever needed for designing, developing and delivering a TED worthy talk.

Michael will make sure you’re set up for success by asking the right questions of the event hosts who have asked you to speak at their event, ensuring you are going in the right direction from the start with clarity.

He will explain how to construct your script and get your ideas out of your head and onto paper. He will show you how to use a variety of models to craft your talk and engage your audience.

He will demonstrate body language, vocal techniques, and stage presence to ensure you have a positive and effective impact on your audience and yourself.

In Astella Philpott’s video, she will walk you through best practice and ideas for constructing great PowerPoints, and Michael will talk you through the theory of good supporting visuals.

Michael will give you insights on how to practice and how much to practice so you can hit that stage prepared and confident.

There’s way more than that, check out the video for the Ultimate Guide to Speaking platform demo and see for yourself.

How much time will I have to commit to learning?
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Learning is at your own pace, you can get through it all in a few hours, however for best results I’ve broken it into micro learning components with short videos. I recommend you watch a section and then do the tasks laid out in your downloadable workbook.

How long does my subscription last?
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12 months with access to new content as it’s uploaded

What's your refund policy?
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Because you get instant access to the platform, the learning, and the downloadable workbook, we don’t provide refunds.

Can my business get access to the Ultimate Guide to Speaking for all our staff?
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Definitely, just get in touch and we can discuss options for you and your team.

Can you do a package of the Ultimate Guide to Speaking combined with Private Coaching?
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Yes of course, just get in touch and have a chat about the project you’re working on and how many coaching session will be required alongside the Ultimate Guide to Speaking.

What if I have a question you haven’t answered in your FAQs?
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We would love to hear your questions, just get in touch by sending Michael an email at

Don't leave your audience uninspired and unmotivated.

Get access to the Ultimate Guide to Speaking and master the skills needed to leave your audience inspired and ready to take action.

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The Ultimate Guide to Speaking
is $597 incl. GST